Hand crafted treehouse hideaways

Bespoke Treehouses

Magnificent treehouse for kids, also known as tree houses, are constructed fully bespoke to your garden and requirements.  Hence, the featured units here are previous builds, just to give you ideas of what can be done. Would you like to add a climbing wall, a rope bridge, escape hatch or even a garden zip wire for instance? The possibilities are endless. Our designers will help to find the best solution for your budget and garden.

The Treehouse Build Process

Garden Site Survey
Garden Site Survey

We start with a site visit and a chat to see what you would like and what will best fit. Following on from this we will produce drawings and give you a quote. On acceptance of the quote, our aim will be to complete your treehouse for kids fully finished in about eight weeks.

Treehouse platforms being built
Treehouse platforms being built

The build process begins with the construction of the main platform on which the house will sit.

Treehouse added to the platform
Treehouse added to the platform

Following on from this, the actual house is anchored in place on the platform.

Ropes, ladders, swings and climbing wall
Ropes, ladders, swings and climbing wall

Finally the fences, ladders, zip wires, bridges and ropes are added to complete the build of a treehouse for kids and adults alike.

All the wood used in the construction process is from sustainable sources and comes from either the United Kingdom or Europe.

Treehouse History

Treehouse have their roots in the people of Southest Asia and also the South Pacific Islands. These people secured their families from preditors and the rainy season by building tree dwellings. As a result, they came and went via thatched baskets that were raised and lowered down the tree trunk. In the Middle Ages, Fransiscan monks used very basic tree-rooms to meditate, and in addition, Hindu monks also lived in tree houses to free themselves from earthbound considerations.

During the Renaissance period in the early 1500's treehouses became the must have in Florentine gardens. Even Queen Elisabeth the first is said to have dined in a treehouse in a large Linden tree.

Treehouse Restaurant

In the village of Plassis Piquet in France during 1848 a Guingette was constructed.  This was a series of interconnecting houses that contained restaurants, bars and even a stage for cabaret acts to perform. It became so famous that the village was renamed Plasiss Robinson in homage to the book ' The Swiss Family Robinson'. Furthrmore, the restaurant had over 200 tables and were built in chestnut trees, covered in rambling roses. Meals were hoisted up to diners in a basket pulley and often consisted of roast chicken and champagne.

The Oldest Treehouse

Pitchford treehouse

The oldest treehouse in England is at Pitchford Hall. The famous Pitchford treehouse dates back to 1692 and is built into a large lime tree. Because the tree is still growing, extra struts have been added to support it



In more recent times, Winston Churchill constructed a tree house 20 feet high in a lime tree at his Chartwell Manor home.

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