Bespoke Adventure Treehouse

The ultimate Adventure Treehouse

Bespoke Adventure Treehouse

£9,995.00 inc. VAT

The ultimate Adventure Treehouse

Price includes delivery, installation and VAT.

Price shown is a guide price dependent upon a site survey

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This magnificent hand-built Bespoke Adventure Treehouse, with cabin, sits on a 10ft square platform.  To reach the platform you can choose to climb a ladder, crawl up a commando scramble net, or walk across a 10ft “wobbly” bridge, with built-in safety netting. The Adventure Treehouse has an exciting climbing wall on one side of it. There is also a 10ft slide, and a fireman’s pole when a speedy exit is needed! Let your child’s adventure begin here!

The log cabin features 2 Perspex windows for plenty of light, together with 4 shutters, and to complete the look, a popular half round timber roof.

The preservative-treated or naturally resistant timbers used when building the treehouse have planed or sanded smooth surfaces, to remove all sharp edges. Equally important, the round poles used are play grade.

When building around and fixing to a tree we use minimal fixings into the tree itself. This allows room for the tree to continue to grow.

Consultation and Site Survey

The guide price will be confirmed after a design consultation and a site survey. Any options or additional requirements can be discussed directly with the surveyor. The design consultation and survey are normally free of charge. However, if an overnight stay is required or the visit is outside the mainland UK, a charge to cover travel costs will need to be made. If a survey charge is required, it will be fully refunded if the order proceeds to completion. We will of course discuss all your individual requirements and confirm if any travel costs apply prior to the consultation.


We use a variety of softwood timbers from sustainably managed forests located mostly in Europe.

Any Questions?

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’ll be more than happy to answer any queries you may have.

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